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PI AF Server 2016 R2  silent install fails using FD_REMOTEAPPS=MyRemoteAF

Question asked by SveinungE on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by matzen



We have been installing PI software for a long time using the "setup.exe -f silent.ini" approach and it has been working fine.


On PI AF Server 2015 R2 this is working:



On PI AF Server 2016 R2 the result is “The server could not be contacted”, and installation fails. Removing the FD_REMOTEAPPS makes the install run without problems, but we need to use it.


This check MUST be possible to skip for silent installation as MyRemoteAF will never be available during setup.


We need something like a FD_REMOTEAPPSVALIDATE=0 to be able to use PI AF Server 2016 R2.