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AF Analytics 2016 R2 dependency resolution

Question asked by halla on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by halla

I’ve been observing the backfilling behavior when I request multiple analyses for the same time range in AF 2016 R2. (System Explorer - Management plugin)

Dependency resolution does work as advertised (very awesome) with the exception of one case.


This is probably by design but I wanted to confirm before we attempt any workarounds.



{EDIT: the timestamp override was on Analysis2 not Analysis1.

             Also, all inputs to Analysis2 are outputs from Analysis1 }


Analysis1: (naturally triggered)

                Input: Pump Pressure (1s data)

                Output: Analysis1_output



Analysis2: (Periodic 1s) (timestamp override: *-30m)

                Input1: Analysis1_output

                Input2: Analysis1_output2

                Input3: Analysis1_output3


                Output: Analysis2_output


In my testing, if I queue both analyses to backfill together for the same time range… Analysis2 seems to start backfilling first (undesired).

Is this expected behavior?

If so, is there any way to 'trick' the dependency resolution to make Analysis1 execute before Analysis2?



I assume the issue is because Analysis2 is periodic, but the reason why I set it up that way is because the element represents a 'Unit' that starts and stops the data flow in between jobs.

If it was naturally triggered, there would be a chance I'd miss outputting the Analysis for the last 30 minutes of the job (data stream stops).