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Event Frame Trigger Question

Question asked by TimCarmichael Champion on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by jhim

I have pieces of equipment with multiple alarm tags - all digital states, so I've created a performance equation to prioritize the alarms and set a single numeric output value.

The performance equation is firing every 15 seconds and I can see the values changing.. not perfect, but it works for now.


The event frame analysis is event-based and the 'StartTrigger' is: 'Status_Code' <> TagVal('Status_Code',PrevEvent('Status_Code','*'))

I see the event frames firing, but there is a 15 second gap between the end of an event frame and the start of its successor.

Start: 2/10/2017 9:30:16 AM     End: 2/10/2017 9:30:30 AM

Start: 2/10/2017 9:30:45 AM     End: 2/10/2017 9:38:30 AM


And so on...


Ultimately, I will have the same type of scenario for about 1300 of this item and 1100 of another.


Hive mind... what needs to be done to:

     have continuous event frames - as one ends, the next starts


Then... how can I get it to stop/start over a day boundary?


Finally, if I have to force a trigger via code, that's fine. Examples?