Unable to connect to the newly installed server.

Discussion created by sandeep.narang on Aug 30, 2011
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Hi team




As per our process of development, we installed the following components on a 64-bit machine.


1. AF Client 2010


2. AF Server 2010


3. PI Server 2010 - 64 bit


While installing the components, the default network node or server name was given as , suppose X. And the we didnt changed the default password that was set as 'pidemo' at the time of installation.


After installation was completed, we verified by opening thePI Connection Manager connection from "About PI SDK" . Here the default server was added with the name of "X".


Now we have a another 32 bit machine. Same components are also installed there. When we tried to add the server name "X" on this 32 bit  machine, it throwed the error "Error: Unable to open the session on the server. The user name and password may be incorrect. Error number -2147220309"


Following were the options which were set at the time of adding the server:




Network Node :X


Default user name :pidemo


password: blank


confirm : checked


Connection Type: PI3


Port Number : 5450


Please note that both the machines are on same network. Please let us know the cause and resolution of this error.