Error: "No PI user was recorded for a trusted connection."

Discussion created by obermec on Aug 30, 2011
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today I've set up PIWebServices on a Windows 2008 R2 server running IIS 7.
Installation was successful and so far I'm using the default configuration.


I created a Windows Forms application (VS 2010, C#) for testing purposes and referenced both PISearch and PITimeSeries services.


When I call the "FindPIPathsBasic"-method in PISearch everything works just fine. In the security-eventlog of the webserver I can see that my testuser is connected using Kerberos. In the PI Server Message Log I can see that the domain user is used by the webserver to connect to the PI Server. The call returns the expected results.


But when I call the "GetPISnapshotData"-method in PITimeSeries i get a fault exception that says "No PI user was recorded for a trusted connection.<servername>". Looking into the PI Server message log I noticed that the webserver is at first trying to log on with it's machine account immediately afterwards with the identity of the application pool. Of course both tries fail...


As I'm using default configuration with both endpoints having the same configuration... So can maybe anyone give my a hint what's wrong here? What does this errormessage mean and how can I avoid it?




Thanks, Best regards!