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PI Analysis output tag is not getting value while PI Primary Server reboot day!

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by skwan

Hi All,


I am using PI Analysis (2.7.5.x) and PI AF (2015 R2).



1. We have configured PI expression analysis in a AF DB

2. Output of the analysis is mapped to a PI Point to store the History value.

3. PI AF and PI Server (Collective) are in different machines (PI Primary and Secondary servers as well located in different machines)



1. We do have a scheduled reboot for both PI Primary and Secondary server, weekly once but in different days.

2. Whenever the PI Primary server reboots, PI analysis output tags are not getting value into the archive for almost 6-10 hours on the day, but working normal after few hours until next reboot of PI Primary server

3. This data loss is occurring every week.


I am wondering that why the analysis service is not sending the output values to the PI tag to the secondary PI Server while primary PI server was unavailable.


Could anyone please help me here, how to overcome this issue to have continuous data into the archive?


Have a nice day!


Navaneethakrishnan V.