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New C# project in VS Code referencing OSIsoft SDKs

Question asked by MaxStrueverWipro on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by MaxStrueverWipro

Hey there

I have been playing with Microsoft's new IDE, VS Code

If you are not familiar with it, it is a simple source code editor, with some Visual Studio features such as Intellisense, but a lighter weight, more open version.

It's been great for web apps and javascript (I think this is its primary focus) and I've enjoyed using it for an AngularJS app that makes use of the PI Web API!


However, now I want to try writing a C# app that makes use of the PI / AF SDKs. In the past, I've done this with Visual Studio quite easily

starting a new project in Visual Studio would be > New project > C# Console App,  then Add Reference > and find the necessary installed OSIsoft assemblies.

Now I would like to try and do this (create a bare bones C# console app that uses OSIsoft SDKs) and I am not having any luck.

Does anyone know how to add locally installed assemblies as references to a C# app ?

it seems this may have something to do with the package.json and package.lock.json files but with the various syntaxes I've tried, I cannot get it to find the OSIsoft assemblies and compile