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DataLink Calculated Filtered Data odd behavior!

Question asked by Guilherme Ferreira Champion on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Guilherme Ferreira

Hi folks!


I am facing an issue that I find a bit odd!


I am trying and calculate a total volume given a certain flow within a period of time with datalink.

There is a huge negative archived value (huge in amplitude, negative sign), which was causing my totalizer to return a negative number.


20-sep-2016 8:00:00
20-sep-2016 9:00:00
Number of Values:101
20-set-16 08:00:0955,54372787
20-set-16 08:00:1954,96167374
20-set-16 08:00:24-1,15263E+27
20-set-16 08:00:2954,78382874
20-set-16 08:01:2453,30264664
20-set-16 08:01:34




So I thought it was an easy solution: just using a filter 'tag'>0.

Although I got a different number, it was still negative (closer to zero regarding the previous one, but still quite far).


Filtered Totalizer:-3,33114E+22


For a wider period of time, when other negative numbers are retrieved, I've tested the 'tag=0' as a filter and didn't get zero as expected return.


Isn't this a strange behavior? Shouldn't this negative values be eliminated from the calculation prior to integration?

Shouldn't any totalizer filtered by 'tag=0' return zero???