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    Could not load type 'OSIsoft.AF.Analysis.AFAnalysisRuleConfiguration'




      I am facing an issue when i try to query an attribute value (configured for Analysis data reference not saved in history) from a PI Datalink. Error is “Could not load type 'OSIsoft.AF.Analysis.AFAnalysisRuleConfiguration' from assembly 'OSIsoft.AFSDK, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=6238be57836698e6'.”



      And also “Failed to load 'Analysis'Plugin:The Plugin type 'OSIsoft.AF.Asset.DataReference.Analysis.DataReference'was not found” error  in PI process book from client machine.

      Below are the software versions used


      Client Side:

      PI AF Client(X64) 2012 SP2 version

      PI Process book 2012 SP2 Version

      PI Datalink 2013 version


      Server Side:

      PI AF Server 2016 Version



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          Hello Vijayanarasimhan,


          "configured for Analysis data reference not saved in history" indicates Analysis results are not persisted to a PI Point but calculated on demand. Is my assumption correct that you are attempting to retrieve historical values or calculations over a certain period for this Attribute?


          Your client software look pretty outdated. The latest PI AF Versions depend on .NET Framework 4.5.2 if I recall correctly. It's possible, that the Analysis plug-in just requires a minimum .NET Framework version being available on the client but I'd suggest updating the client using the latest product setup kits (PI AF Client, PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink).

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            The "Analysis" Data Reference was introduced with PI Analysis Service 2015, as a mitigation to AF performance issues in previous versions when Analysis would write to static attributes. The PI Analysis Service was first built targeting .NET 4.5, and so the Analysis Data Reference can only execute on clients based on the .NET 4.5 AFSDK.


            As Gregor mentions, it's probably a good idea to upgrade the client products, so that your other clients are able to view attributes with the Analysis Data Reference without error. Sometimes there may be minor compatibility issues between upgrading just the AF Client and keeping an older version of the end-client product like PI DataLink, for example, so it's a good idea to just use the newest install kits for the end-client product, which should bundle the latest version of AF Client at the time of its release.

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