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    How to set "end escalation" and "repeat while active" settings when creating an escalation group via SDK


      Hello All:

      I'm using the 2016 AFSDK to create and manage contacts, groups, escalation groups, etc.

      I'm having trouble how to setup the radio button settings "repeat while active" / "end escalation"

      The code below sets up the group and escalation time and retries but I cannot find out how to set the other radio button settings for the group.

                                 AFNotificationContactTemplate newGroupContactTemplate = new AFNotificationContactTemplate(piSystem, groupname);

                                // NOTE: this can be a .Escalation instead of .Group

                                  newGroupContactTemplate.ContactType = AFNotificationContactType.Escalation;

                                   // group settings

                                  newGroupContactTemplate.EscalationTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(4);

                                  newGroupContactTemplate.MaximumRetries = 5;