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    Bug example code of training material?




      i just downloaded the training material for the PI Application Development Course (version 1.2l; File "PI_AppDev_EN_v12.zip") from the "Training Center" in the vCampus. I was reading and trying some of the examples when I came over an error that is thrown while running the C# version of the example application "Exercises 7.x - Chapter 7":


      When I run the EventPipe example and select option 9 in Step 2 and then try to proceed to step 4 i get a "NotImplementedException" in line 908 of the file "frmDefineEventPipe.cs":


      IEventPipe = (IEventPipeAccess)CurrentPIServer.PIPoints.Events;


      I think this is because the IEventPipeAccess interface only applies to the PIPoints object but not it's "Events" property.
      Replacing the line above with


      IEventPipe = (IEventPipeAccess)CurrentPIServer.PIPoints;


      fixes the issue for me.


      Can someone please confirm this? Thanks,