Addtrace throws Error on Processbook Quit

Discussion created by night2day on Sep 9, 2011
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Hello together,


I just write a little util to autocreate some trenddisplays.
The displays would be created with some VBA-Code within a Excel-Modul.
All works fine with still one exception.


For excample:


  Dim objProcessbook  As PBObjLib.Application
  Dim objDisplay      As PBObjLib.Display
  Dim objTrend        As PBSymLib.Trend
  Set objProcessbook = CreateObject("PIProcessBook.Application.2")
  Set objDisplay = objProcessbook.Displays.Add("Blahblah")
  objProcessbook.Visible = True
  Set objTrend = objDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolTrend)
  objTrend.AddTrace ("\\SERVER\SINUSOID")
  Set objTrend = Nothing
  Set objDisplay = Nothing
  Set objProcessbook = Nothing


This code throws a
".NET-BroadcastEventWindow.2,0,0,0,33c0d9d.0:procbook.exe - Fehler in Anwendung"
Error at closing the processbook (not at closing the new display).

If I comment   objTrend.AddTrace ("\\SERVER\SINUSOID") out there is no problem.


Is there any known reason for this issue?
I explicit destroy all used objects so no dependencys should be left.