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Using Postman for PI Web API training

Discussion created by Jerome Lefebvre on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by gregor

I am looking for some feedback regarding using Postman collections for PI Web API training.

Postman is a chrome extension for testing out HTTP requests and Postman collections are a grouping of HTTP requests, including bodies, headers and authentications. Along with placeholders to make them flexible.


I put a few requests together using the Public PI Web API endpoint  this allows anyone to try out these requests without any PI software installed and as the requests are already made, all you need is to fill in some authentications information to be able to start trying out PI Web API.


Here are the steps to tests this out.

1. Install Postman (this requires having Google Chrome).

2. Install the collection. (To view the list of requests, make sure to select the Collections tab in the top left corner.

3. Grab the credentials for the Public PI Web API endpoint (requires a SSO account).

4. You will then need to enter the credentials as follow. First, select a request and in the Authorization tab, select type "Basic Auth". You then need to enter the Username and Password that you found in step 3.


For each request, you won't need to enter the username/password each time, but you will need to update the authorization tab for each requests.


The list of included requests is quite small and limited to requesting data from the Public PI Web API endpoint.

But, I hope this can be easily fleshed out in a good way for users to get a first taste of PI Web API.


Again, this is a work in progress and I am looking for some early feedback into this approach.

To update the list of requests (once I add some more), all you need to do is open the link on step 2 again.