counting up digital state value using totalizer tag

Discussion created by proberts on Sep 12, 2011
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I have built a tag that produces a random value from 0 to 2 every 5 seconds.  On this I have placed a PE digital state tag that translates the numeric value into text "LOW","MEDIUM" and "HIGH".


I have now built a totalizer tag that is attempting to count up how many times the PE tag reads "HIGH" in a rolling 10-minute interval, but it's not moving off "Pt Created", but I can find no errros anywhere - am I missing something?


Enclosed is the tag configuration - can someone help correct please?

Select (x) Tag CalcMode compressing CompValue Conversion descriptor digitalset displaydigits engunits EventExpr excdev excdevpercent excmax excmin exdesc FilterExpr Function MovingCount Offset Offset2 Options PctGood Period Period2 pointsource pointtype ptclassname RateSampleMode ReportMode scan sourcetag span step TotalCloseMode typicalvalue zero zerobias x sw.high-10min.tot ALLEVENTS 0 1 count of high alarms in the last 10 minutes -5 1 1 600 0 digstate("high","lhm") EVENTS 1 +0H +0M 85 +10M +10M T int32 Totalizer SCAN1 RAMPING 1 sw.alarms.dig 100 0 TIMEMOVING 0 0 0

BTW - I tried inserting a table (from the toolbar above), but I am getting scripting errors.