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UFL Connector - Support for POST Method to Login

Question asked by vwitzel on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by mhruzik



We are trying to use GET commands with the UFL Connector v1.1.0.76 to retrieve data from a REST endpoint. However, the endpoint requires that clients first use a POST method to login prior to executing GET commands. When you supply the Data Source in the Connector with a username and password, is that what the Connector does when it is started? Unfortunately, when we try it, we receive an "HTTP status code: Unauthorized" error message in the Connector's event log. However, we have confirmed that the credentials are correct by accessing the REST endpoint using a web browser. Appreciate any insights folks can share!


Alternatively, I am considering using a script (e.g., Python) to execute the login POST, GET command, and PUT the results to the Connector's REST endpoint, similar to this GitHub example. However, that seems like a lot of unnecessary work if the Connector can handle it for us out of the box.