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    Assistance with setting up VLE


      Hello, I'm attempting to setup VLE for my "Configuring a simple PI System" course.

      I use the hotlink to register per the instructions but it is not an available item... am I missing something?



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          Hello Kristoffer,


          Are you still having trouble accessing the VLE?

          The instructions to register and access the VLE is listed here:  https://pisquare.osisoft.com/docs/DOC-2309

          I have also copy/pasted the instructions below. Can you please point out in which step you start running into a problem?


          A. How to register for online course VLE access

          1. Go directly to this registration item: https://learning.osisoft.com/Course/Details?id=11444
            1. Make sure that you are logged into your SSO account (top right of page).
            2. If you do not have an SSO account, you can create one here.
          2. Select the green plus sign to add the registration to your cart.
          3. Click on the cart icon to proceed to checkout.
          4. Hit the proceed to checkout button.
          5. If you are enrolled in a facilitated session, apply the promotion code that was included in the e-mail from your course facilitator at the start of the course.
            1. You should receive a message that the code was successfully applied after you hit the apply promotion code button.
            2. This will discount your VLE registration to $0 if successful.
          6. Complete the remaining steps in the checkout process. You should see both a confirmation page and receive a confirmation e-mail for a successful registration.
            1. Once registered, you will have 21 days of access to the VLE for this online course.


          B. How to access the VLE after registering

          Note: You may refer to the video Connect to Class Virtual Learning Environment & Architecture Information for a demonstration.

          1. Go to https://learning.osisoft.com/Labs/Subscriptions
          2. Find the "VLE Access - Configuring PI Data Archive Security Online Course" subscription.
          3. Click “Launch”. This will bring you to the https://learning.osisoft.com/Labs/MySessions page and start the process of creating your virtual machines.
            1. You may need to click the arrow button next to the subscription name to see “Launch”.
            2. It will take approximately 10 minutes to create your session, and then a few minutes for the VMs to start up. Please be patient before trying to connect.
          4. Find the machine you’d like to log on to and hit the connect button. This will download the machine’s connection information in a .rdp file that you will use to remote into the machine.
          5. Connect with user pischool\student01 whose password is student.


          - AJ