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PI Datalink 5.3: Error invoking Connection

Question asked by TimDos on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by James Devine

Hi all,

One of my customers experienced issue with connection to PI Server from Excel using PI Datalink.

in our company we use: MS Office 365 (2016), PI Datalink 5.3


Open Excel > PI Datalink ribbon > Settings button > Connection Manager...

connection manager.jpg

After clicking to Connection Manager, we see this ERROR.

Error Pi datalink - Alex Todd.jpg

My actions to solve this issue:

  1. I tried to re-install PI Datalink, didn't help.
  2. checked for depedendencies, everything is OK.
  3. Checked Add-Ins Options, everything is OK
  4. Tried to get data by entering PI Server manually. Long time loading, no results.

How to fix this issue?