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Daily maximum value and timestamp

Question asked by Oscar_Garcia Champion on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by mhostetler


I need to get the daily maximum value and timestamp for a tag, and I also want to be able to trend the maximum values. I'm planning to do this trough AF.


I tried the below, and it looks great. It returns the maximum value and its timestamp but it only returns the maximum value for the current day. I get this "GetValues not supported for the relative time specifier " when trying to trend or get time series data.




Timestamp corresponds to the maximum value timestamp


Then, I tried using an analyses  "TagMax('Power','t','t+1d')". This way I am able to trend and get the maximum values for a period of time, but the timestamps are the time when the analysis triggered and not the time of the event.


Timestamp is the time the analysis triggered and not the maximum value timestamp.



Any idea how I could get the results I want?