ProcessBook add-in using Visual Studio 2010?

Discussion created by on Sep 16, 2011
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Is this possible?


I added the pb add-in templates for the simple add-ins for VB.NET and some things are working. The project builds and runs. When I run it in debug, PB starts and runs, and says my add-in is loaded. But with Connect.vb peppered with breakpoints, none of them ever stop. So I assumed my add-in wasn't actually being loaded.  A colleague said the debugging doesn't work, and naturally I didn't believe him. But I humored him and put           MsgBox(addInName)       into my OnConnection(...) handler and it worked. Now I know my add-in loaded. But why no feedback in the debugger?


My next issue is the object browser. It shows top level objects and enumerations for the PBObjLib but that's all. If I select an enumeration in the object browser it shows the enumeration values, and Intelletype works in the code editor. But if I select an object in the object browser it does not show any members or methods.


Paul Doering