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AFSDK's FindPIPoints Dialog Ignoring Specified PIPointCriteria

Question asked by CalebH on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by CalebH


I am working with AFSDK (2.8.2) and need to create a PI Tag Search dialog.  It looks like the "OSIsoft.AF.UI.AFOperations.FindPIPoints(...)" functions fill the role of what used to be "PISDKDlg.TagSearch" in PISDK.  I am having an issue customizing the initial search parameters, however:  it looks like the PIPointCriteria I configure is completely ignored unless the NameFilter property is not empty.  Is there a workaround for this?  I am trying to default the search to use ExactMatch for the tagname but I don't want to specify what that name is.  A pseudo-workaround seems to be to just set it to "Name:", but I think that will confuse the end user.  Any suggestions?


Dim PIPointList As List(Of PI.PIPoint) = Nothing

Dim criteria As New OSIsoft.AF.UI.PIPointCriteria

criteria.ApplyTextOptionToNameFilter = True

criteria.IncludeDescription = False

criteria.TextSearchOption = UI.AFUITextSearchOption.ExactMatch

'criteria.NameFilter = String.Empty ' the options above are completely ignored unless the NameFilter property is not empty

criteria.NameFilter = "Name:"

PIPointList = OSIsoft.AF.UI.AFOperations.FindPIPoints(Me, String.Empty, False, False, False, criteria, String.Empty, String.Empty, False, False)