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UFL Connector

Question asked by MinaSalama on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by jyi

Hello All,

I am trying to test UFL connector on my machine, connected remote to PI server. I am trying to read an xml file saved on my machine.

I have done all the required for UFL connector as per the manual including security on the PI Server side.

I have created the PI tags myself (configuration location 1 and location accordingly as per the interface setting)

I have been noticing the following;

  • None of PI  tags are being updated with values. they are shown as Pt created
  • On the UFL connector configuration page, it is shown that I have 4 buffers and 11 buffered events
  • On the server side, checking the interface list, it is shown that the status of my UFL connector interface is "Unale to determine service status"


I have also check the log messages on the server, and it is shown that connection is accepted and successful login for PI-ICU.exe


I woud appreciate your help.

Thank you,