AFDataReference.GetValue inputValues versus inputAttributes

Discussion created by Bannikov on Sep 19, 2011
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Hello !


We've developed some AF Data Reference Plug-Ins and now I'm a bit curiously about two parameters in .GetValue call. These are two parameters - inputAttributes and inputValues. Maybe someone can explain -- in which cases should I use inputAttributes (and make subsequent calls to each AFAttribute.GetValue) or I can simply use inputValues. Please note that we heavly use not only AFTime context, but also AFTimeRange context - primary for reporting and for PI Table representaion using PI OLEDB Enterprise.


My primary question is -- how inputValue is filled? Is requested timeContext applied to these values before GetValue is called?


One more question -- how standard AFDataReference.GetValues method is implemented? In which cases should I use it, and in which cases override it?