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PI Web API, PI Coresight and Event Frames

Question asked by andre.furtado on Mar 2, 2017
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I'm trying to display on PI Coresight the last event of a Event Frame as a value symbol. I'm trying to achieve that through javascript by using a GET to this URL:


/piwebapi/eventframes/{database WebID}/eventframes?templateName=T%20Hi&sorfield=starttime&sortorder=descending&starttime=*-2d&searchmode=inclusive&maxcount=1


So I'm following this instructions (PI-Coresight-Custom-Symbols/tutorials/simplevalue at master · osisoft/PI-Coresight-Custom-Symbols · GitHub ) to create a symbol value symbol.


My question is on this part:


symbolVis.prototype.init = function (scope) {

   this.onDataUpdate = dataUpdate;


   function dataUpdate(data) {

   if(data) {

   scope.value = data.Value;

   scope.time = data.Time;

   if(data.Label) {

   scope.label = data.Label;






This is where I get the data to the symbol, right? So for the scope argument I should use the GET from PI Web API?


Also, Can I use JQuery getJSON for the GET?


Is this the best way do it? Any help or insights would be appreciated!


Thank you!