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  ACE ResultTimeStamp

Question asked by kokolopr on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Kenji Hashimoto

ACE when it receives back dated values for its input tags does trigger the calculations but the "ResultTimeStamp" does not pick up the associated back date instead it get the current execution time. why and is there any work around? I checked the definition of "ResultTimeStamp" which kind of gives a misguided understanding

"This property applies to an Output or input/output point only and returns nothing for an input point. In the former case, it returns the time stamp associated with the last value set. If the last value set has no time stamp specified, it defaults to ExeTime. The time stamp is overwritten whenever you set a new value"


Should it not be "Input or Input/output point only..." because why will we use output tag to get the resulttimestamp? And also it does not talk anything about back dated values triggering ACE Code. The following is a snippet of my code where edTime always ends up with current time if its back dated value. thanks



Dim exTime As PITimeServer.PITime      

Dim stTime As DateTime      

Dim edTime As DateTime


exTime = FlowInput2.ResultTimestamp        

stTime = BOM(exTime).LocalDate

exMonth = PIMonth(exTime)           

exday = PIDay(exTime)           

exyear = PIYear(exTime)  

edTime = DateSerial(exyear, exMonth, exday)                     


avgDailyLab1 = LabOutput1.Mean(stTime, edTime) 


any work around please. appreciate and thanks