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Data from deleted database still present in SQL tables

Question asked by JosephHanvy on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by JosephHanvy

Our AF database size has been getting out of control, and which investigating the issue we found it was almost all event frames.


Turns out we had one of our experimental development databases generating event frames on a sinusoidal tag.


We didn't need the database anymore so I simply deleted it in PI AF as a whole rather than removing near 2 million event frames in chunks of 1000, or writing some code to bulk delete.


I just checked the database size, expecting it to have reduced massively as I've just got rid of 2million event frames only to find when I do a row-count on the table AFEventFrame I get 1906290, which is unchanged.


Although the PI database no longer exists, all the data it holds has not been deleted... And now I can't use the SDK to remove this data as I can't connect to the database.


How can I remove it? Is there some maintenance function for removing AF data not referenced in any AF database?