24 hour program-a-thon

Discussion created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Sep 20, 2011
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Hello fellow vCampus members,


I've posted a blogpost on a 24 hour program-a-thon I'm doing with the Kinect sensor to further research the concept of a Natural User Interface for the PI System and PI AF. I've committed the next 24 hours to a single Kinect programming challenge.


I'm going for option #3 from the blogpost:


Create a speech recognition application, which uses the Kinect microphone array. This application should be able to answer questions about the PI system (get and display data, create trends, access AF Elements).


I've already gathered some idea's on how to approach this. The first (and most important thing of a new project) to do is choose a name. I'm calling this project 'Bob'. Not sure why, but it just sounds great to be able to address this application as 'Bob'.


My goal is to create an application that recognizes speech, and responds by talking to the user and displaying the requested information. My goal is not to create something 'intelligent', but more to create a challenge-response (question - answer) system that can be usefull using speech. This can be further enhanced in the future by using the tracking capabilities of the Kinect sensor.


My first goal is first lay the groundwork to be able to request and display basic information from a PI system, and go from there.


I will keep you updated, and please... if you have any suggestions, let them know!