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Migrating a PB Custom Add In to a target system

Question asked by RobFerguson1 on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2017 by RobFerguson1

I have developed a custom AddIn for PB that works fine on my
development system because the C# development environment does whatever it is
that is necessary to the environment such that when ProcessBook runs it can be
found in the Tools>AddIn Manager dialogue.

I have now ported it to another system that does not have
the C# development tool along with the “reg” file.  I have made an entry in the Registry along
side the other PBAddins listed.


My Addin appears in the list as “Missing” in the Proces Book AddIn MAnager dialogue

I have put the TLB, DL and PDB files into the ProcessBook
binary directory but it does not help.

What is it that tells PB the location of the binary to be
loaded, I cannot see how that is done with the registry keys since the files are
not referred.