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    licensing Pi-API for development purposes


      I've seen in the piapi.chm (PI-API Programmer's help file) that "For each system where you are building or running PI-API programs you need a licensed copy of the PI-API". 


      Where does one get a license from (and what cost is involved), and is this covered by a vCampus subscription?







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          PI API is only available with a special license agreement. It is not included with the vCampus subscription. The reason is we are recommending that customers/partners develop with new PI Data Access products which expose the full capabilities of PI System, e.g. PI OLEDB/JDBC, PI Web Services, and PI/AF SDKs.


          Can you clarify why you are interested in PI API, i.e. your use case?  What is your platform and development language?  Perhaps we can guide you toward a more appropriate data access product to meet your needs.


          Jay Lakumb, Product Manager, PI API

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            Peter, development with the PI API is not covered by OSIsoft vCampus. Is there a particular reason why you are looking into the PI API?

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                Well I suppose I'm a little "old school", as I've been developing in PI for close on 20 years, and I'm comfortable with PI API, Fortran, C and C++.


                I do find, however, that handling multiple PI connections for sites that have more than 1 PI server is awkward.  If you consider handling multiple file streams, there is a handle to each file, whch seems to be missing in PI services.  e.g. piar_getarcvalue() does not seem to have a method to define which PI server to use if you have more than one connection active.


                so how do I get a license for PI API?  I renewed my subscription with this in mind, because I like to develop utility-style apps which I would like to offer, since I'm an independent developer/contractor now.