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Totalizing data set

Question asked by kdeters on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by jru

Let me preface this with saying I have very basic knowledge of Processbook so far, I learn most things by trying and figuring them out myself.


I have a tag that is a timer, which refreshes once every minute.  So it counts how long the gate is closed and spits out that number for that minute.

For example

Gate closed

12:00 60 (sec)

12:01 45 sec

12:02 54 sec etc.


I want to create a data set that counts all of these values over an 8 hour time period. The only problem is, when i use the total function on the tag, I think the values reset themselves because it comes out as like 18.34 or 13.42 which doesn't make sense for an 8 hour time interval.  Any suggestions?