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    Displaying a X-Y trend is very slow






      we are working with processbook to display a X-Y trend.
      The values come from a DeltaV station, these are OPCHDA data.
      There's no PI server, but a PI Protocol Converter.

      When displaying a X-Y trend with 2 hours history, and 8 pen it takes about 8 minutes to display the trend.
      We want to be able to add/remove pen, but because of the time it takes it is nearly impossible (too slow).

      Would there be a workaround, or maybe a new version of processook is able to display X-Y trend faster ?

      P.S. :
      Processbook version :
      PI Protocol converter version : not found (?)
      PI OPCHDActr version :
      PI SDK :
      PI Converter Data Engine :
      PI Protocol converter APS Connector (piPCAPSCtr) :




      We have several ways to display a X-Y trend :


      -          Intrerpolated


      -          Recorded


      -          Synchronized


      ...and actually we don’t know which one to use, each having advantages and disadvantages.


      Would you have some advices ?