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How to Relate AF Assets

Question asked by MAMEDINA on Mar 9, 2017
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I would like some advice for establishing the following relationship in PI AF...

We have AF Elements/Assets representing two sets of portable devices: Portable GPS Units and Portable VOC Monitors.  Each device type uses its own AF Template.  We will have invidiuals carry out a GPS Unit and Portable VOC Monitor out into the field.  We would like to show these devices as being apart of the same data set for that period time.


Here is a sample of the Assets for each Device Type

  • GPSUnit01 (Element)
    • Longitude (attribute) - Double - ptsource: GPSUnit01_Longitude
    • Latitude (attribute) - Double - ptsource: GPSUnit01_Latitude
    • GPSType (attribute)- String - ptsource: GPSUnit01_GPSType


  • VOCUnit01 (Element)
    • GasType (attribute) - String - no ptsource reference
    • Value (attribute) - Double - ptsource: VOCUnit01


We would like to record that GPSUnit01 and VOCUnit01 were used together for a set time range(hours in the field), later we might have GPSUnit01 used with VOCUnit03 and so on.  How can we accomplish this:

  • a mapping tag per GPSUnit (value will list the associated VOCUnit at a given time)
  • a mapping tag per VOCUnit (value will list the associated GPSUnit at a given time)
  • mapping tags for each asset(two tags)
  • a completely separate AF Asset/Element to hold this information
  • AF Table(need to read more about the limitations of this method)


Curious to know what others have done in the past. How can we record this relationship in PI / What are our options?