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How can you find the numerical instance ID of an interface if the ID is alphanumeric?

Question asked by Al_Gagnon on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by cramsey

We have multiple interfaces using the same pointsource, however they are using an instance ID (/ID parameter) that is alpha numeric. 


This being the case, how can I determine which tag is associated to which interface?  I know the tag in Location2 is telling me the ID, but that is numeric.  Even looking at the module database, i wasnt able to find a link to help me map the tags to the proper interface.



Interface #1 is /PS=A and /ID=ABC

Interface #2 is /PS=A and /ID=DEF. 


Some Tags have Location2 = 1 and some have Location2 = 2


This being the case, how can i map the tags to the proper interface?  I was assuming the answer would be in the MDB but so far haven't been able to map it properly....