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Connect OPC-DA Client

Question asked by HansBleijendaal on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by mhostetler

I have an OPC client from an external party and want to connect it to:

- PI-data-archive



I see that I can install an OPC-Server on the PI-system (PI-OPC-DA-Server-2015-SP1). THis means that the OPC-Client should be able to write the data to the Archive.
On top of that I want to parse some of the data to the PLC: Is it possible to write some of the data not only to the PI-Data-Archive-data, but also direct into the PLC? There is an OPC-DA Interface with a connection to the PLC available.


The OPC-Client is OPC version 2.0. I see that the PI-OPC-server is version 2.05. Do they match?


We are currently running PI-DataArchive 2016