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Re-run all performance equations

Question asked by JASONHOU on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by klum


I have an issue of recalculating the performance equations (more than 90).


1. A set of raw data was imported via UFL.

2. These 90 PEs are triggered by the Event-based scheduling. The event tags are the ones in the raw data.



Now it was found the raw data has some issue and I need to flush all the data including the raw data and PEs.


What I tried;

1. I used the command below to delete the archive data of all tags (raw data and the PEs) for the target period. The operation was successful.

Delete from FROM [piarchive]..[picomp2]

2. All the raw data files were imported via UFL. The operation was successful.

3. But the PEs for this period were not calculated again.


Can you please advise the approach I tried is sensible? Any alternatives are welcome as well.


Thank you.