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Mobile reporting with PI AF

Question asked by marossi on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by sraposo

Hi everybody, I'm new to the PI System. I have an AF Server which contains lots of data about Plants ( both historical and real time ) and i need to make mobile reports out of this data source.

Until now I've used Mobile Reporting Services (ex Datazen) from Microsoft but i noticed that it is pretty limited, so I'm here to ask the community which software can fulfil my needs.

The most important features of this software must be :

-Ease of use (non tech-savy must be able to make reports)

-Interface customization ( gauges, graphs etc..)

-Must be able to perform specific queries ( for example it must be able to retrieve the reads from an AF attribute in the time range specified by the user on the dashboard)*. It must be able to perform large queries too, like a trend of an AF attribute in a year or more.

-Dashboards and reports must be embeddable in a web page ( everything must be responsive for tablet, smartphone and bigger screen usage)


*An actual example could be : The user select a day, month and year and system retrieves every read of an AF attribute in that time range.


Thanks everybody for the help.