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    XY Plot Bad Data Xs


      Hi, I've asked techsupport if it's possible to remove No Data Xs from an XY plot. They told me it's on the punchlist. I hope it's going to get punched off the punch list soon as it would make some of my XY plots look much better.


      My datasets have to return NoOutput in order for me to be able to plot the manufacturer's operating limits and efficiency curve.


      Does anyone have any ideas how I might acheive a similar effect without the workarounds required to mask the NoData Xs?





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          I understand that you are interested in plotting manufacturer's operating limit and efficiency when your datasets returns No output. You may try using at least two performance equations (PE) tags. The first tag PE tag checks for a condition and returns No Output, while the second PE tag has a syntax like using the "in.." operator. This operator comes under Conjunction, disjunction, and inclusion type.  Please take a look at the PI Server Applications User Guide to get you started in the right direction.

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              I fear my original description was unclear. I want to disable NoOutput events from being displayed as Bad Data Xs. I don't want to see Bad Data Xs at all.


              I plot the data, including the efficency curve as datasets. It has to be datasets, not PE tags, because the efficiency curve gets plotted constantly, irrespective of the process behaviour and irrespective of the time window that the user is viewing. PE tags obviously can't achieve this.


              I could probably bash it together with ODBC datasets and the PI-OLEDB driver but that's not so portable between client desktops.