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Microsoft Live Account Access to PI Cloud Very Difficult

Question asked by RyanDube on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by lgarrigues

I've discovered a little bit of a dilemma regarding PI Cloud services, starting in September of last year, just a few months ago.


In order to access the PI Cloud services for another company, you need to have a Microsoft Live account with your work email address. The company adds your work address to their PI Cloud services list of user accounts, you create a Microsoft Live account with that work email, and voila -- you can log in.


Unfortunately Microsoft has disabled the ability to create a Microsoft Live account using your work email address. See: Microsoft is finally blocking users from creating Microsoft account with work email address - MSPoweruser


So, now the only way it'll work is if you work FOR the company issuing PI Cloud services accounts, because it'll be the same company that probably has control of the organizational accounts that control your work email address in the Microsoft world. See:  Using Work or School Accounts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  Or, if the company is willing to add access to their PI Cloud services to your personal Microsoft Live account, which seems a bit unprofessional.


So, now imagine you work for a contract company who manages PI Cloud for an outside company. That company issues PI Cloud access using your business email account. You can't create a Microsoft Live account using your business email yourself anymore, so you contact IT in your company to create one for you under the "organizational account". Your IT guy looks at you like you have three heads because your own company doesn't have a Microsoft "Organizational Account". You therefore can not access the PI Cloud services of that other company.


Gotta love Microsoft, eh?


I now have a case in with Microsoft to try and figure it all out. Has anyone else encountered this issue since Microsoft changed the rules in September?