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PI to PI -- Prioritize certain Tags over a satellite link . . .

Question asked by Timproeber on Mar 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Eugene Lee

The customer has  identified a subset of tags that they want prioritized.


This is for an offshore oil field PI to PI link.  There will be ~20,000 tags with one second updates sent over the satellite link.  Sometimes because of weather or satellite provider problems the link speed can be greatly degraded.


How would that be done -- to enable QoS to mark the packets for different treatment?


- Use a separate PI to PI interface on a different PC for the priority tags and thus get an separate IP address/port 5450 pair?


- Or can I change port 5450 to another port - I read in the PI to PI manual that the port is "always" 5450 but I heard in class that can be changed - where would I change that?