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Daily report in SSRS Report Builder 3.0

Question asked by oolabode on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by oolabode

Hello Experts,


I am new to PI, PIOLEDB and Report Builder.


I will like to create a report in SSRS Report Builder 3.0 that will display average values of a set of tags from PI with data spanning two days e.g 8AM yesterday to 8AM today (24hr).


I found a good post on this forum that helped me get started with the query. PI OLEDB and MS - Reports.


I am able to create the query and get results however when I group on the timestamp field report builder splits the dates into two:

8AM - 11:59PM

12AM -8AM


What I want is to get each row with the average from 8AM - 8AM and display the start date.


Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.