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Device (Multi-) Status using PI Interface for GSE D/3 DBA

Question asked by on Mar 20, 2017
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I have a 2016 R2 PI System with PI Interface for GSE D/3 DBA installed on an interface node. Things are progressing well but I am having difficulty configuring a multi-state device. For instance, I have a device, let's call it Valve1. Valve1 has multiple device states, STAT1-STAT8. The states are defined as follows: STAT1 CLOSED, STAT2 OPEN, STAT3 through STAT4 are undefined, STAT5 is ERR_NOPN, STAT6 is ERR_NCLS, and STAT7 is INTRLOCK.


Am I supposed to use Location5 to perform bit masking? Can someone provide an example of this type bit masking operation? It seems I have 1 status byte that is 8 bits long and the PI Interface for GSE D/3 DBA document seems to address only 4 bits.


Or is there another way to obtain multiple statuses for a single device?