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Preventing a sharp drop in (what should be) a linear, increasing trend line when a meter resets to zero

Question asked by kbobeck on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by kbobeck

I have meters that have recently switched sensors and the new sensors started from zero. (note: this example doesn't (re)start at zero as it had already been operational for a little while before we started bringing the data into PI)

Meter Reading:


This means there is an upward trend, followed by a huge drop, then an upward trend again.


This doesn't make for a very nice visual.


Since the values are a running total, what I've currently done is create an attribute with the meter ending value (183851), then create an attribute that is a formula, which adds the ending value plus the real-time read together:


This works in showing a current running total, but also means that 183851 is added to earlier values as well:

My question is, is there a more permanent way to do this - without creating another tag? As in, is there something I could do to the 'Meter Reading' tag that, as the data comes in, would allow the reading to be in addition to the final Mozart value? I had thought maybe the 'Zero' configuration could do this (i.e., set the 'zero' to be 183851), but I've since realized that's not how that setting operates. Even if the resolution only worked starting from when I implement it (causing a spike back up to 200k+ at that point), I would only have 45 or so days I would need to go back and "manually" edit.


There will also come a time when a meter will do a rollover (e.g., go from 10m back to 0), in which case the new value would once again need to be added on to the ending (pre-rollover) value. Having a plan in place before this happens would be very advantageous.


Suggestions are appreciated! The question was difficult to word, so if you have thoughts on how I could state my issue more clearly, please let me know.