Issue in using ServerManager

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We need to use ServerManager interface for connection pooling in our application. We have a server, say serverX, on which PI server is installed.


We are using C# as programming language. We have declared serverManager as a static varaible which will be used across the application:

public static PISDK.ServerManager serverManager = new ServerManager();



We have a method in which user will pass the serverName and we need to connect to that server using serverManager. We are using following statement to achieve the same:

if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(serverName))
                                object objServer = serverName;
                                server = SessionStateClass.serverManager.get_Item(ref objServer);
                                throw new Exception("Please provide a valid server name.");



But we are thrown with the following error when the above statement is executed:


No PI user was recorded for a trusted connection.sfchsssharepoin




Any resolution for the above error?




Thanks and regards