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Creating Advanced Time Based Reports with RtReports

Question asked by Helle on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Helle


I have created a time based report with Datalink(see attachment). I would like to create in RtReports, because it needs to be validated and under change control.


The report covers the time period between to production batches plus an offset on start and end time. The start time is defined by the last logged value 'I brug' in the previous production batch. The stop time is defined by the first logged value 'I brug' in the next production batch.


In the Datalink Report the user chooses the prefix for the Batch ID, types the serial number of the batches and chooses the unit on which the batches ran. This information is used to find start and stop time of the actual batches in Batchview. On the sheet ‘Data til start stop’ the data from the relevant tag are retrieved using Datalink compressed data. The time i found with the Excel function Index(match()).


The timestamps are transferred to the sheet ‘Rapport’ where the values for the period are retrieved and filtered for recurrent values.


Is it possible to create a report like this in RtReports?


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