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trying to use interpolatedvalues2

Question asked by IJourneaux on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by kduffy

I am trying to use InterpolatedValues2. The function call seems to work and I get the correct number of values back but all of the values are the same. The values are clearly changing over time.  Here is the code snippet. Am I missing something obvious? I am just trying to get 1hr values over a specific time frame.



Period = "1h"

StartDate = "01-MAR-17 12:06:33"

EndDate = "21-MAR-17 12:06:33"

    Set ppoint = server.PIPoints.Item(tagnm)

    Set pdata = ppoint.Data

    Set ipdata2 = pdata

    Set pvalues = ipdata2.InterpolatedValues2(StartDate, EndDate, Period)

    For j = 1 To pvalues.Count

        ArrayRecords(i, j) = pvalues(i).value

    Next j