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Why did my EF stop generating

Question asked by schrecengost Champion on Mar 24, 2017
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My EF stopped generating and I don't know why.  I am using a EF template with attributes.  The EF attributes are configured as PI Point and the attribute field in data reference is: .\Elements[.]|Tap Plugs where 'Tap Plugs' is an attribute of the Element.  I am using Element Templates with Analysis configured.  All of this was working but stopped suddenly yesterday.  For each attribute in my EF, I get the message Cannot retrieve the referenced Attribute '.\Elements[.]|Tap Plugs' for attribute 'Pot Cycle20170324-010|Status' when I try to create a new event frame.  Status is the EF attribute name that should be getting its value from the Element attribute Tap Plugs.  Is this why my trigger is not creating the new event frame automatically?


My analysis trigger is 'Tap Plugs'="INSERTED" and its type is Event Frame Generation