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    VBA - SQC CHART - error type : object doesn't support this property or method


      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to use VBA to create SQC Chart on Process Book 2015.

      I just try to set the features of my chart :


      Private Sub Perf()


      Dim disp As Display
      Set disp = Application.ActiveDisplay

      Dim objSQC As SQCSymbol
      Set objSQC = disp.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolSQC)


      Dim KeepBadValues As Boolean
      Dim ChartType As ChartTypeEnum

      objSQC.SQCSymbolDefinition.ChartType = sqcEWMA
      objSQC.SQCSymbolDefinition.KeepBadValues = False


      End Sub


      I have the error : "object doesn't support this property or method".

      I think that it comes from the "pbSymbolSQC".

      What should I write instead of that?


      Thank in advance for your help.


      Best Regards.


      Bertrand Leroy