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Setting security permissons to one elements seems to not prevent finding this element from af sdk

Question asked by VarbanVarbanov on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by VarbanVarbanov

Hi, I'm trying to use AF Security. I denied all rights to all identities to a particular element (first tried only the identity of the user I'm connectiong with, but since this did not work, I denied all):




However, I succesfully find the element through AF SDK using the code:



var fountElement = AFElement.FindElements(AFDatabase, null, "SecuritySearchElement", AFSearchField.Name, true, AFSortField.Name, AFSortOrder.Ascending, 1000).FirstOrDefault();


There is only one element in the database with this name (only a few elements there).


Am I doing something wrong or is this an expected behavior by some reason?


Thank you in advance!