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Delete multiple tags with different patterns via a script.

Question asked by Rashmi on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by Luke Yarnall


We had a requirement to delete multiple tags with different patters via excel (pipoint). For example, L410*.PV, L310*.PV, L280*.PV and so on.  For each pattern, I type L410*.PV in excel and delete those, then I search for the next set of tags L310*.PV and delete and so on........Hence, it takes 2 days of my time just to remove the tags since I get a big list from the business.

so I was looking for a automatic script either via powershell or any specific one line syntax where I can mention all the tags with different patterns in an array  and delete them off in one short to save my time. Can this be possible please? If so, need assistance on this.