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PI PerfMon with .NET Performance Counters

Question asked by ee.ashley on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by ee.ashley

I have the PI PerfMon running on a test VM where I am testing an AF SDK application I have. I have it setup collecting some of the basic machine performance counters and also a few counters from the Process and Memory objects. I also was hoping to collect some .NET-specific counters (e.g. from the .NET CLR Memory Object).


However, for some reason, the tags I created for these .NET CLR Memory counters always show as "I/O Timeout", while the other general counters work fine.


The performance counter path I have in the ExDesc looks something like this (where instancename is my application's name):


\\AE-WIN10\.NET CLR Memory(instancename)\# Bytes in all Heaps


I know the path is correct (at least to Microsoft tools) because I can get the value from the counter using PowerShell like this:


Get-Counter -Counter "\\AE-WIN10\.NET CLR Memory(instancename)\# Bytes in all Heaps"


And it gives me a value.


I didn't see anything appear in the PI Message Log when starting the PerfMon interface.


Has anyone used PI PerfMon with .NET Performance Counters before? Could the PerfMon interface be doing anything strange with the "." from ".NET" or "#" characters in the performance counter names?