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Multiple users at the same time reading data through AF SDK

Question asked by VarbanVarbanov on Mar 29, 2017
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I'm searching the best way to have multiple user connections to a PISystem from a single application. My main concern was that each Pi System object , to which a user connects can initialize separate cache, which will hurt the memory, but i noticed that this is not the case - no matter how many users are connecting, the cache is shared. However I noticed something else - when an instance of PISystems is created and a specific credentials are used to connect to a PISystem, than each new instance of PISystems and PISystem respectively is already connected with the same credentials when it is created. This way It seems that I cannot have several connections at the same time. I have to disconnect from one instance and connect to other, which means that two users cannot access the data at the same time from one application, one have to disconnect and other need to connect after that. Also, when disconnecting it seems that the cache is lost.



So what is the way to have multiple connections which you can reuse (sharing same cache if possible) and which you can use to keep multiple connected users and get data using their credentials at the same time?



Thank you in advance!